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Japan plans logistics of temporary housing

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

ALAN is providing updates on the Japan logistics situation from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan. ALAN continues to work with our partners to support the relief efforts in Japan. The Humanitarian Alliance is working to locally source items to respond to these needs. Additional information on ALAN is available at

“Yesterday morning, M6.3 earthquake occurred near Chiba, which is adjacent to Tokyo. Larger than M3 earthquake has still occurred many times.

Japan government already decides to build 70,000 temporary houses. To April 11th, 10,279 are planned to construct, starting to construct, or completed. To April 12th, the procuring lands for 26,000 temporary houses are prospected: Iwate 12,000, Miyagi 10,000 and Fukushima, 4,000. House maker already arranged the materials securing 30,000 houses. Fore the revival of the disaster area, the construction entrepreneur chooses from local. The government is examining the temporary houses construction of 10,000 by the addition.

To build 60,000 temporary houses is a large project.

Procuring of site:
Find the prospected sites, find the owner of them, negotiation with owner.
Leveling the land:
To procure site for huge amount of house, planed the mountain is needed in Iwate.
Electricity, waterworks, and drainage are needed to maintain.
Preparing materials for the house:
Domestic plywood factories are hard to produce such amount.
Capacity of the house maker production is about 30,000 within 2 months.
Arrangement of carpenters, electric and water equipment workers
Arrangement of heavy equipment and tools
Arrangement of material transportation
Procuring equipments:
Refrigerators, air conditioners, gas tables, and washing machines are needed.

Preparing 30,000 houses within 2 months is already big project. However, demand is 70,000. 40,000 families should live for two months or more in the refuge.”