About ALAN

We can all remember our feelings of astonishment, bewilderment and concern when Hurricane Katrina wreaked unimaginable havoc on our country. This national disaster prompted an outpouring of generous donations from caring people and organizations around the country. Unfortunately, those donations could not be distributed efficiently to provide much-needed relief because there was not a system in place to handle a relief effort of this magnitude.

The need for a central contact point became very evident. Who better to bring order to chaos than members of the logistics profession? To this end, a group of concerned industry professionals teamed up to create ALAN.

ALAN’s web portal went live just days before Hurricane Gustav hit land and began to deliver results almost immediately. Donations flooded in – bedding, wheelchairs, walkers, fans, water, warehouse marshalling space, transportation services and more.

Over the years, ALAN volunteer members have participated in numerous relief efforts. While disasters like these are still obviously unwelcome, ALAN helps to bring victims of these crises welcome relief.

Learn more about ALAN at work, and see how you can help.

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