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Japan rail transportation restarted, large scale temporary housing planned – Logistics Update 4/25

ALAN is providing updates on the Japan logistics situation from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan. ALAN continues to work with our partners to support the relief efforts in Japan. Additional information on ALAN is available at ALANaid.org

“Today, Tohoku Shinkansen (Super Express Train) from Fukushima to Sendai was restarted. It came to be able to go from Tokyo to Sendai in two hours. On 29th, from Sendai to Ichinoseki will be restarted, so it will connect Tokyo to Aomori in four hours. Time until operating again the Sinkansen is much earlier than Kobe and Chuetsu earthquake. The restoration of the Shinkansen is expected contributing to the tourism industry in Tohoku district.

As of today, it has been understood that 68,493 houses were completely destroyed, 25,567 houses were destroyed partially, and 8,675 houses were flooded by the Great East Japan Earthquake. From request base of victims, 72,290 temporary houses construction are needed. Japan government plans to offer 30,000 within two months, and offer 30,000 within next three months. MLIT pay effort of procurement of materials and land for the temporary houses, and solving of supply-demand gap.

Now, 2,396 temporary houses were completed. Supplying 60 items of household utensil for each temporary house was started: These are sanitary goods (shampoo, soaps, toothbrush, toilet paper, washbowls), kitchen goods (teacup, chopsticks, plates, knife, sauce ladle, cutting board, detergent, lap, garbage box), washing and cleaning supply (broom, dustpan, detergent, dustcloth, wash-line pole, suspender), first aid outfit (plaster, clinical thermometer, nail clipper, cotton bud), outer and inner clothes, beddings, and clocks. In each prefecture’s disaster management plan, prefecture government contract to the specific retailer for supplying them.

About Fukushima daiichi nuclear plant accident, Japan Government announced new designated evacuation areas: “Precaution district”, “Premeditated shelter district”, and “Shelter preparation district in emergency”. About 78,000 peoples were lived in “Precaution district”. People in this area have been taking shelter almost as putting on since March 11. About 10,500 peoples living in “Premeditated shelter district” should evacuate to the end of May, however, house moving transporter doesn’t undertake the move of this region. People have been perplexed. In “Shelter preparation district in emergency”, about 67,000 peoples are living. They are regaining ordinal life.”

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