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Distribution centers recover, experience high volumes – logistics update 4/9

ALAN is providing updates on the Japan logistics situation from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMPCSCMP member in Japan. ALAN continues to work with our partners to support the relief efforts in Japan. The (Humanitarian Alliance is working to locally source items to respond to these needs. Additional information on ALAN is available at ALANaid.org

“At the day before yesterday’s earthquake, my younger brother was in Natori City, that is in the south of Sendai City. He said that during the earthquake, power failure happened, but about 4 AM, electricity returned.

Natori City has divided into two. One existed in tsunami and the resident lost most of their life base. Another lives almost usually in the region where it did not encounter the tsunami. The gap is very large. The condition is the same in Sendai. In downtown, ladies wear fashionable dress, but just 5 miles east from Sendai downtown, wilderness of debris has spread.

Natori is a suburb of Sendai, so there are many large supermarkets in the town. But these are still closed because of building damage. Instead, residents buy commodities at convenience stores.

Even though, some shops of large supermarket chain are now opened. Because the distribution centers in Tohoku district received serious damage, in order to fulfill them, DCs in Kanto cover the distribution. Many of the DCs in Kanto received damage by the 311 earthquake, and most of them took about a week for restoration, but some are still in restoration process. To cover them, the shipment volumes of Kanto available DC’s are about double or triple. Now, some of the DCs in Tohoku are being restored.

Ito-Yokado is a supermarket chain subsidiary of Seven Eleven Holdings. It covered Tohoku district logistics from Hokkaido(North) and Kanto(South). On April 7th, fresh food DC in Sendai completed restoration and is running.
http://www.lnews.jp/2011/04/40409.html (Japanese. See figure. Left: before disaster, right: from March 13th to April 6th )

Seven Eleven has 14 distribution centers in Tohoku district. Just after disaster, all of them are stopped. Now, 11 of them are running
http://www.lnews.jp/2011/04/40424.html (Japanese. See figure Logistics system of just after the disaster)”

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