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Japan disaster recovery needs move toward cleanup – Logistics Update 4/1

ALAN is providing daily updates from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan. Additional information and a link to relief needs is available at http://www.ALANaid.org.

“The government announced today that they would assume this earthquake to be “East Japan earthquake”.

Three weeks passed from the earthquake. The victim began to move aiming at the revival. The patient with pneumonia has increased along with it. To clear away or to find memorial goods the rubble, the victims are working by themselves. It is assumed that it is a cause of pneumonia to inhale dust that while working. It calls for wearing the mask to prevent it.

Needs of victims’ goods have changed day by day. The victims in the region that exists in the tsunami want for the rubber boot, gloves, the mask, shovel, cart, high-pressure water cleaning machine, and the chainsaw, etc. Many of stricken areas want to keep living in the same place for the fishing village even if there is such a disaster. Some have decided the temporary residence to other cities on the other hand. The distribution of present support goods cannot meet these individual needs, because it gives priority to the defense of the life, and the impartial distribution of goods to everyone.

Because of fisher village tsunami, the damage situation of the refrigerated warehouses cannot be understood yet. MLIT is still walking to understand the damage of logistics service provider continuously. “

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