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Boots on the ground information critical to effective aid distribution – Japan logistics update 3/28

ALAN is providing daily updates from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan. Additional information is available at http://www.ALANaid.org.

“Recovery of road, ports, and railroad are going very fast. With the recovery of transportation, distribution of goods has been advanced and volunteers have been increased activity. Along the way, problem of recovering system’s problem become apparent.

Because of frequent earthquake and tsunami, Japan has disaster management plan for 50 years. The plan is refined from the experiences of previous disaster like Kobe and Chuetsu earthquake.
Disaster Management in Japan: http://www.cao.go.jp/en/doc/saigaipanf.pdf

Based on this Japan disaster management plan, original donation goods distribution system was created by the prefecture level, because controlling distribution in city municipal level is hard in terms of either person power and person skill. Each prefecture gathered donation goods and distributed to evacuation sites. However, this time disaster spread very wide area; distribution is controlled by both prefecture and city. In addition, city pairing system is taken; one safe area city helps one disaster city’s operation and necessary goods arrangement. For cities distribution system, local LSPs help their operation, because they well-known about the local road and residents.

Main flow of the distribution is now working. that is, prefecture warehouse – city warehouse – predefined evacuation site. But still several flows should be improved. Some peoples stay together in the place that is not predefined, like small building, clinic, relatives large house, or even in the house that is not broken by earthquake and tsunami. Donation goods don’t reach enough to those peoples Local doctors, nurse, and volunteers are checking possible place to live, find peoples, and arrange distribution that they need.”

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