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Japan Logistics Update 3/26

ALAN is providing daily updates from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan. Additional information is available at http://www.ALANaid.org.

“After 2 weeks from disaster, transportation recovery became stable condition. Some airlines and vessels still refuse to stop Japan, but most of international transportation network is back.

This weekend, because of Tohoku Highway’s open for every car, lot of relatives of victims and volunteers visit disaster area to help them. Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures have step by step reconstruction.

Comparing to that, Fukushima Prefecture is still in difficult condition by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear electric plant. Especially, Soma and Iwaki cities logistics need much help.

Fukushima Prefecture is divided in 3 areas, which is Hama-dori (Pacific Ocean site), Nala-dori and Aizu. In Naka-dori area, there are many electronic factories, and earthquake affected them. Some plants damage become worldwide shortage of special parts. Aizu’s main industry is agriculture and tourism. Aizu also was earthquake, but little damage.

Heavy district area is Hama-dori. This area got earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant affection. Most of the cities in Hana-dori are within the radiation evacuation or “in-door stay” area, but Soma and Iwaki cities are not. Even this, both cities received logistics problem. Truck drivers hesitate to go, so they need do pick-up necessity goods by themselves. There are about 38 thousand people living in Soma city, and 348 thousand people living in Iwaki city.
Cities within the evacuation area start to move municipal unit moving to safe area. Most cities are staying within Fukushima Prefecture, Futaba-machi Town moved to Saitama Prefecture.
Information of Fukushima Prefecture: http://www.pref.fukushima.jp/list_e/locat_le.html

One good news for ALAN activity.
Nippon Express have to transport relief supplies to earthquake-stricken Sendai Port of northeastern Pacific Ocean, its internal coastal RORO vessels – Tokyo, Hokkaido in the course will be conducted to the Sendai harbor extraordinary. Nippon Express will continue if there is a demand.
http://www.mlit.go.jp/report/press/kaiji01_hh_000089.html (Japanese)
http://www.nittsu.co.jp/press/2011/20110325-1.html (Japanese)

Tomorrow is Sunday, so I will send next update news on Monday.”

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