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Japan Logistics Update 3/25

ALAN is providing daily updates from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan. Additional information is available at http://www.ALANaid.org

“Today’s MLIT disaster page is much changed from yesterday.


It emphasizes safety of radiation to foreigner. Nuclear electric plants accident became more impact than the earthquake and Tsunami. This harmful rumor causes many troubles on Japanese logistics.

Today, the government requested the voluntary evacuation to the people who is living in the “indoor standby area”.

On March 12th, the government decided 20 km range from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as the evacuation area, and 30 km range were decided as the indoor standby area. Since this instruction was given, distribution of life-safe goods to 20-30 km area came to stagnate. Carriers refused to transport fuels, foods, medicines, etc.. This is a reason why voluntary evacuation was requested.

Today’s Nihon Keizai Newspaper (Nikkei) has had several articles about bottled water issue.

According to Nikkei, lack of the plastics label pasted to surroundings of the bottle as one of the factor to prevent the bottling water production increase. In Japan, each item of drinks need label which shows ingredients, place of production, PL in charge, and so on. This causes hurdle for importing foods. Because of printing these in Japanese, ordinal importing lead-time is about 3 months.

Coca-Cola Japan (CCCJ) already ordered bottled water to Coca-Cola Korea. CCCJ also start negotiation to government about this label problem.

Japanese Consumers’ Co-Operative Union (CO-OP) asked public health center about donation purpose bottled water food label, the public health center answered that in this case, these information outside box is enough.”

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