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Update on logistics in Japan 3/24

ALAN is providing daily updates from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan. Additional information is available at http://www.ALANaid.org

“MILT’s English information site about disaster is updated, so you may understand the status better.


Today, Tohoku Highway is opened to all vehicles. Recovery of Tohoku disaster area will be much smother.

Tokyo waterworks radioactive Iodine is down to baby safe level. But consumers still continue heavy buying bottling water.

Some cities in Fukushima, Ibaragi, Saitama and Chiba prefectures waterworks radioactive Iodine level is still over the baby safe level. Especially, Iidate-Mura, Fukushima waterworks’ radioactive material level is very high.

Government asked to water bottling manufacturers to produce more, but their capacities of production are already max.

Radioactive materials diffusion spread over a wide area of Fukushima prefecture.

http://www.nsc.go.jp/info/110323_top_siryo.pdf (Japanese. See P2, cumulative value of radioactive Iodine from March 12th 6:00 to 24th 0:00)

http://eq.wide.ad.jp/index_en.html (English)

Some transporter decline delivery orders to these areas, so JSDF respond these transportation.”

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