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Food and Water Logistics becoming concern for Japan – Update 3/23

Daily updates courtesy of CSCMP member in Japan Ms. Hikaru Kajita. Information on product / service needs is posted at http://www.ALANaid.org. Additional situational information or questions should be directed to info@ALANaid.org

“Today’s “Recovery of Transportation” map is on the URL bellow.

Today, we have facing a new problem, which is radioactive contamination.
Radioactive Iodine and Cesium are detected from green vegetables and milk produced in Fukushima and Ibaragi prefecture. Both prefectures produce agricultural products for Tokyo metropolitan area. Government says not to distribute these until safety is confirmed. In addition, Radioactive Iodine is detected form waterworks in Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that babies don’t drink. Mineral water bottles were sold out within after 30 minutes of announcement. Immediately after announcement, Tokyo Metropolitan government starts to distribute bottled water to the families which have baby.
There are 40 million peoples living in Kanto area. We know that radioactive Iodine will disappear soon, but if lingering the problem, we should think logistics of food and water.
http://www.mhlw.go.jp/english/topics/2011eq/index.html (Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare)
http://www.metro.tokyo.jp/INET/OSHIRASE/2011/03/20l3nf00.htm (Tokyo waterworks press release) (Japanese only)

About gas and light oil shortage, METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) took several actions.
In addition, government has cut duties of oil reserves to 45 days from 70 days for oil refining companies on 21st. Today, conditions feel better.”

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