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Japan Transport Update 3/21

More situational information on the Japan earthquake response from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan.

“Today, English version “Recovery of Transportation” map is not updated.
Japanese version’s map is on the URL
Now, most of the recovery work is to increase the capacity of road and port, to recover the road within the city, map changes are less.

In English site, radiation information is added.

According to news, on 18th, MLIT has requested LSP the dispatch of logistics specialist to the disaster area seven prefectures. About 5 to 10 experts for each prefecture office help donation goods distribution.

Today, construction of temporary house is started at Sanrikutakada city.
(See “II. Assistance to the affected people”)
MLIT already check vacant rooms in public housing, Japan still needs about 30 thousands temporary houses. House manufacturers already start to produce.

Today, the refinery nearby Yokohama is restored. Tokyo metropolitan area gas shortage will be better. I heard that one of the medical wholesaler’s large distribution center nearby Tokyo finished recovery of goods collapse yesterday. Most of the factory and warehouse around metropolitan area may start ordinal distribution, except the impact of planned blackout and gas shortage.

10 days since disaster occurred, refugee needs of donation are changed. Just after disaster, blankets, water and food had been requested. Now, daily necessities like underwear, toothbrushes, reading glasses, contact lens cleaning solutions are requested. “

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