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Japan Transport Update 3/20

More situational information on the Japan earthquake response from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan.

“Today’s status of the recovery of transportation is on the URL.
The map on MLIT English site is 14 hours before the above.

Today, MLIT disaster status report became 128 pages. On the report, we can know detail status of logistics and transportation.
http://www.mlit.go.jp/common/000138176.pdf (Japanese only)

From page 85-95, emergency goods transportation from disaster strike to yesterday is shown.
From left column, name of the LSP, freight item, amount, supplier, and destination are listed on the table.
Ministry of Defense also transport emergency goods, but it is not on the list.

On page 114, damages of public warehouses are summarized (this may be flash).

(# warehouse)
Prefecture Load Collapse only Building Damage or Load Collapse
Hokkaido 23 25
Aomori 1 0
Akita 1 0
Yamagata 5 0
Iwate 0 12 (Disaster area)
Miyagi 0 32 (Disaster area)
Fukushima 27 0 (Disaster area)
Ibaragi 0 226 (Disaster area)
Tochigi 68 0
Gunma 2 0
Saitama 83 0
Tokyo 68 0
Chiba 52 0
Kanagawa 247 0
Niigata 5 0 (large earthquake)
Shizuoka 0 3 (large earthquake)
Aichi 1 0

From the information of friends, in Kanto area (Tokyo, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaragi, Chiba, Kanagawa), warehouses which installed automatic pallet load storage systems had severe load collapse.

On this report, asset damage and human suffering of railway, taxi, bus companies are listed, but logistics service providers are not.

Government repeatedly ask consumer to stop heavy buying, but shortage of daily necessities and gas still continue in Kanto area.
21st is Holliday in Japan (Vernal Equinox Day), so most companies begin ordinal business from Tuesday.
We are concerned that the severe electricity shortage occurs.”

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