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Japan Transport Update 3/17

More situational information on the Japan earthquake response from Ms. Hikaru Kajita, a CSCMP member in Japan.

“Earthquake areas are only East side of Japan. West side of Japan is safe.
Around Tokyo area, heavy buying of consumer became shortage of gas and CPG.. And because of this, transportation to stricken area is very hard.

About transportation, please look the URL below. This is in the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism (MLIT) Web site.

Stricken area is only east side of this map. West side areas had very little damage.
Red lines are road which are limited to drive only for lifeline goods. To use this road, we need permission from MLIT. This limitation follows Japanese great earthquake revive plan.
Red line from the north to south is Tohoku Highway.
Red circle areas are possible to reach.
Yellow circle with red hem are the area that transportation can not access.
Blue circles with airplane mark are airport that is available to use.
Black circle with airplane, which is Sendai Airport, is limited only for emergency use
Black square mark is the base of the Ministry of Defense. Close to the most north blue circle airplane mark, there is the Base of American Air force (Misawa Base).
Blue anchor marks are the ports that are available to use.
Yellow circles are the ports that are now checking the availability.
Green lines are available railroad for passenger, and blue lines are available railroad for freight.

There are several ways to access stricken area. One is from Hokkaido, which is very north of Japan. Second way is from West side of this map. Third is from south with permission pass. From today, we can approach by sea to available ports.”

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