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Haiti Update February 20

Orphans transported. With the military airlift diminishing and the commercial capacity largely spoken for in the near term, we have been seeking “backhaul” opportunities from NGO’s active in Haiti. This is being done at the request of State Department and USAID representatives. Today it paid off with Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies (CARE) offering transport for children and orphans on a donated 737 this afternoon, between 37 & 56 children will travel.

 Donations diminish. Needs continue, replenishment and recovery supply chains are just getting started, but the availability of donated services in particular is diminishing. This recurring phenomenon points to a system more like a marketplace than solely a donations mechanism.  The evolution in the need/donation pool is but one of the challenges to be thought through as the lessons learned and after action discussions begin.

 Regional networks. Also in the discussion phase is working with FEMA and the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) groups to build a template to engage ALAN on a regional basis. This backed up by the increasing adoption of the web portal technology will greatly leverage our ability to engage and make a difference in times of need.

 An ALAN volunteer in Haiti had this to say.

 “This past week has been one of the most challenging I’ve ever had. Trying to operate in a stable environment is easy but getting anything done in this environment is a challenge.

 I’ve been working with CHF International trying to setup the logistical system to handle the materials associated with a shelter building and rubble removal project that will employ 1500 people a day over 8 months and built over 5000 shelters. We’ve been having trouble finding warehouse space as looting is common but we’re working through it and collaboratively with other NGOs. I’ve been working through the UN Logistics Cluster with other organizations trying to move materials as efficient(ly) as possible and get them to the people of Haiti…

 I’ve also been working with the Aidmatrix; a US based non profit to implement a warehouse management system to handle the volume of materials required for the coming months. (ALAN’s technology partner)

 eing down here it makes me realize how good we have it in Canada. Sometime(s) we get frustrated but if we take a step back and compare; the people of Haiti really have lost everything even though they barely had anything to start. It’s a great feeling to see Canadian troops on the ground and help flowing in from all parts of the world. While the help has been considerable there are more hungry mouths than food…” Aaron Tshirhart, Suncor Energy volunteer in Haiti.

Thanks for your interest in ALAN

 Jock Menzies, ALAN president

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