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Haiti update February 10

“I notified the hospital today, and they are very grateful to everyone who is making this happen.” – Angela Garcia, Deputy Director, Global Links.  Genco’s team only took a couple of hours to meet NGO Global Link’s urgent Pennsylvania-to-Florida truckload transportation need. Both are Pittsburgh based, and ALAN had the opportunity to play match maker.

Monday, within three hours of learning of a need, UPS picked up the five pallets of fire rescue gear in suburban Maryland to meet a C130 flight from Homestead AFB in Florida to Haiti. At 8:30 this morning they were coming off the truck at Homestead AFB.

ALAN-sourced volunteer, Aaron Tschirhart of Suncor Energy has been in the Dominican Republic since Sunday. Today, he is to be helicoptered into Haiti where he will be working with CHF International. Part of his effort includes reviewing web-based logistics support software offered by our technology partner Aidmatrix, whose COO and another teammate will also be in Haiti. He will be sending us reports.

Yesterday, ALAN VP Richard Sharpe, in person, and Jock Menzies, remotely, participated in a meeting at Emory University, Atlanta hosted by Emery and the SafeAmerica Foundation to discuss evolving needs and opportunities in Haiti recovery. The US Chamber’s Business Civic Leadership Center also participated.

Logistics are and will continue to be a major challenge for the NGO’s in Haiti.

  • There is very little donated air or sea lift capacity, understandable for industries economically challenged.
  • Ground transportation resources are limited.
  • Much of the port and road infrastructure remains compromised. It is projected that the Port au Prince port capacity will increase from the present 350 containers per day to 1500 per day by the beginning of next week.

 The ALAN network is helping out in the following ways:

  • Providing USAID and NGO’s information on air and sea lift capacity and contacts.
  • Connecting people on the ground who are working on supply chain problems.
  • Seeking sources of volunteers that may be needed (e.g. equipment maintenance and rigging as well as logistics).
  • Making donation or reduced-cost connections for specific needs.

Thanks for your interest in ALAN, take a look at posted needs, sort by category for simplicity by clicking that column heading. Posted Needs

If you are where the snow is falling stay warm

Jock Menzies, president, ALAN

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