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Haiti Update – Feb. 3

Yes, you can take it personally.

We think of supporting an organization which delivers needed assistance. At the end of that pipeline, a person, who has been empowered by the group he/she works with personally, makes a difference and is enriched by that opportunity.

The ALAN portal technology supports the opportunity for you to see a specific need, contact the individual on site who has posted the need (under “Details” next to a need) and use your network to meet that need.

When it works, it really works – as illustrated by the following update which we received yesterday:

“I want to let you know that the fire and rescue gear that you arranged to be trucked from Baltimore to Norfolk for shipment to Haiti on the USNS Comfort last April played a big role in the earthquake rescue effort. The gear was used night and day during the earthquake by Haitian fire fighters. In fact, they didn’t have much else. That stuff may not have gotten to Haiti but for you and your friends (or certainly would have cost a lot of money). So, please know that you played a part in helping these guys dig people out of the rubble and save lives. I’m in regular touch with the Chief of the Haitian rescue team in Port-au-Prince, who has also been coordinating with the US and other foreign rescue teams (including Fairfax County rescuers). The Haitian team’s heroic efforts after being first on the scene has yet to be told. Meanwhile, the fire fighters here in Montgomery County are gathering up more gear for another shipment soon,”

signed Ben Stubenberg, vice president, TractorShare.

So, please take the ALAN portal as your personal opportunity to make a difference. Look at NEEDS and think about who you might connect with one of them. It’s not about posting needs. It’s about individuals taking it personally.

Many thanks,
Jock Menzies
President, ALAN

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