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Haiti Update – Jan. 28

Movement into Haiti/DR is improving and we are beginning to see the posted needs move from medical supplies into other areas. A few notes/requests.

  • Take a look at posted needs yourself and how-to basics.
  • The web portal and ALAN are making a difference. E.g. yesterday Pep Boys committed to donating generators needed by CARE and others, numerous transportation needs matches are being worked, W W Grainer has committed high quality masks, etc.
  • Other business groups, USAID and members of the NGO community are reaching out to ALAN for support and collaboration.

Learning continues and new questions arise.

  • Does the ALAN network of connections have a role in supporting businesses that contract with the government or NGO’s?
  • How do we broaden networking opportunities? The adoption of the portal technology is increasing but many connections are/will be human.
  • The government & NGO’s are swamped by offers that lie somewhere between a donation and commercial. Might ALAN members help sort that out when surges of activity occur?

Asking someone/a company to consider support of disaster relief has been a consistently positive experience. They may not be able to help but the effort is appreciated. Companies often seek opportunities in this area as an expression of their values, to give their employees an opportunity to engage and because of employee and community expectations.

Many thanks for your engagement and support.


Jock Menzies
President, ALAN

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